Veteran Artists creative director has been living in a 14ft box truck with his bub and their pup for over a year.  Their home was recently featured as part of an immersive installation ">1wayhom3" as the culmination of a year-long fellowship with YBCA concerning the question 'Can we design FREEDOM?'

For his response, Stephen quit rent and moved into and converted a box truck for living.  Now nomadic, but primarily rent-free in San Francisco, Funk still needs work to support his creative projects.

You can rent FunkTruck for the low cost of $50+ varying on time, gas, tolls, etc.  It includes the help of a strapping fella, and is best suited for small moves such as furniture, storage, or donation delivery.  I also provide decluttering service, and interior design.  This goes directly to support the work presented here with Veteran Artists.

Thank you for your support!

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